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Healthy Heart Award

We are proud to be associated with the Healthy Heart Award. Together with the Heart Foundation, we are helping our tamariki learn life long healthy habits, and leading them towards a healthier future.

Nutrition Policy

We wish to create an environment that promotes healthy eating and supports families in making nutritious choices. We aim to provide all tamariki at the preschool with a cooked, healthy and nutritious meal during the day. We encourage the children and parents to eat healthily and model healthy eating with our own meals.

Lunch Box Policy

Ravenswood Preschool aims to encourage tamariki and their whānau to make healthy choices for the children's lunchboxes. Foods such as lollies, potato chips, chocolate, processed fruit bars, etc. are discouraged. The foods not in-line with Ravenswood policy will be returned quietly to the parents and the child will be given a healthy alternative.

Ravenswood believes in educating whānau and tamariki on the impact packaging from foods has on the environment.